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Rush 'Starman' Rock Iconz

Rush 'Starman' Rock Iconz Statue


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The Rush 'Starman' Rock Iconz statue is a limited edition collectible, created by KnuckleBonz. The Starman figure stands approximately 9" tall and is painted in a hi-gloss silver paint in front of the red/black star to deliver a 3D version of the iconic Rush logo.


The statue comes with a certificate of authenticity. The figure is officially licensed through Rush and Anthem Entertainment.


KnuckleBonz creates hi-end sculpture that features the most highly influential artist in rock music. The Rush 'Starman' figure is the first interpretation of album art in the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz Limited Edition Sculpture series.


This is a fully licensed, limited edition collectible. Only 3000 are created and sold worldwide.


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"Starman, on paper sounds like one of the easier projects. No celebrity likeness to struggle with, or so we thought. Getting an actual 3D statue to deliver the feeling of the original 2D logo with an exact perspective proved to be a great challenge.

The silver paint on the figure was Geddy's call.."

- - KnuckleBonz Design Team