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KISS Statues by KnuckleBonz

Fully licensed and offered in a very limited edition, these hand-painted & numbered statues are a must-have addition to any KISS collection...
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Slayer Bundle - All 3 Statues
Note: The Jeff Hanneman statue is now sold out. Kerry King and Tom Araya available individually in limited quantities.
$375 Out of Stock
Lemmy (Motorhead) Rock Iconz Statue
Exclusively from KnuckleBonz. Fully licensed. Hand-painted/sculpted in incredible detail, limited edition. Only 1000 statues created. More details >> Press Release
$125 Just Sold Out
Kerry King (Slayer)
Rock Iconz Statue

Fully licensed. Hand-painted/sculpted. Only 1000 of each of the Slayer statues have been created. Slayer Bundle: Click Here to order all 3 Slayer statues.

$125 ships now
Jeff Hanneman (Slayer) Rock Iconz Statue

Each Slayer statue is hand-painted/sculpted in incredible detail, this edition is limited to only 1000 statues created.
All offically licensed by Slayer. Order Individually or a Bundle.

$125 sold out
Tom Araya (Slayer) Rock Iconz Statue
Super exclusive limited edition collectible. Only 1000 statues created. Offically licensed by Slayer and Global Merchandising. Limited availability!
$125 ships now
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